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You've discovered my crummy little blog, where I talk about anything that I think should be presented in article format instead of the bite-size randomness that most social networks expect (essentally this is like a Tumblr but cooler). I sure wonder how many people will actually flip through this. But hey, that doesn't matter, because serving up your own thoughts, ideas, and opinions on a World-Wide Website YOU control is radically awesome enough in my opinion. Updates whenever. Latest blog entries rise to the top.

Peeking inside a $15 Camera

Dec 24, 2023

Let's hax0r a dollar store camera, cause why not?

How to fix "blank screen syndrome" on Sony Walkman WM-F2085

Nov 29, 2023

Does YOUR Walkman WM-F2085 have a chronically blank LCD? Learn how to fix it here.

REVIEW: maddevil57's Ame model

Nov 28, 2023

I ramble a bit about a new 3D model of Ame.