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REVIEW: maddevil57's Ame model

November 28, 2023
One fine day I was randomly googling Pixel's favorite cat and I accidentally stumbled upon a Sketchfab model somebody made of Ame! Closer inspection revealed it was made by an artist who goes by "maddevil57", they also posted an animation of the model on their Twitter. Thankfully they were also kind enough to share the source files of the model just so I could play with it in Blender.
a screenshot of that Ame 3D model, she's in an A-pose
I made my own edit based off the artist's original work for people to use in various sh*tpostery/porting to other platforms or games, like VRchat or Garry's Mod. Personally, I'd take it upon myself to port the model to GM (purely for kicks, I think it'd be hilarious), but if only I had the time...
TLDR; ha ha funny cat has a 3D model now wow 9.84/10